Planning applications

Resolve Public Affairs specialise in helping clients to secure planning approvals. Our services include advising on local politics; community engagement; public consultation; stakeholder identification and engagement; working with politicians; producing a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI); working with local media; identifying and mobilising supporters for your scheme.

Public consultation

We will organise public consultation events to support your scheme, including for planning applications, strategic land allocations and Masterplanning exercises. We will develop a consultation strategy appropriate to your requirements. Services include: producing and designing exhibition boards, comments forms and leaflets; designing websites; organising mailouts; hosting freepost and freephone services; events organisation; producing presentations; leading community workshops.

Public relations

Your company’s name and reputation matters. Resolve can help your organisation to raise its profile or to defend its reputation. Services include: advising on media relations; reputation management; issues and crisis management; organising and managing press conferences; media monitoring.

Media relations

Working with the media is fundamental to what we do. We can advise on media relations or lead this for you. From TV and radio, regional and local newspapers to online publications we know how to effectively manage your media engagement.

Social and online media relations

Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general has transformed how we communicate. The internet has also made it easier for campaign groups to organise and share experiences. Resolve can advise on the best use of social and online media and provide a monitoring service to allow you to know what’s being said about your scheme.

Campaign management

Whatever your project, Resolve can build a campaign to gain public confidence and community support. Services include organising successful ‘traditional’ media campaigns; implementing social media campaigns; working with third-party advocates.

Parliamentary & Government relations

Resolve Public Affairs provides strategic political advice informed by twenty years of experience. Whether your issue relates to the local political arena or nationally we can help. Services include: developing political engagement strategies; organising Parliamentary events; representation at party conferences; gathering political intelligence and monitoring Parliamentary debates.


Leaflets, speeches, websites. Need to produce a leaflet or make a speech? Our specialist writing team can certainly help. Services include website development; design; producing exhibition materials and promotional leaflets.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are individuals or organisations with an interest in your company or scheme. Resolve Public Affairs will research stakeholders and devise an engagement strategy designed to further a client’s aims. Services include research, strategy development and contact management.

Community relations

We work hard to understand local communities. By doing so, we can advise on a bespoke communications and engagement approach.

Events organisation and management

Whatever your event, we can help. Services include organising public exhibitions and launch events, venue selection, and event promotion.

Political and community research

Vital to any successful project is understanding the local community and the political landscape. Resolve Public Affairs can provide in-depth research tailored to your needs.

Employee communications

We can advise on communications between employer and employee, including communicating change.


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